Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2015. Vol. VI. - Issue 43


Content 140-143

Брюховецька О.В. A model of professional tolerance of heads of secondary educational institutions 3-8

Грубі Т.В. Current models of perfectionism 8-15

Дробот О.В. Properties of manager’s professional consciousness 15-19

Журавльов В.В. Psychological model of training of border protection bodies heads to professional and administrative activity on the psychological basis 20-25

Карамушка Л.М., Ткалич М.Г. Gender policy of the organization and its main measures: the empirical research results 26-32

Кот В.Г. Psychological training as a tool for supporting professional self-realization of advertisers 33-38

Мейтарчан С.Ю. Development of future managers' staff motivation training program 38-46

Мушегов О.М. The problem of self-efficacy in Ukrainian organizational psychology 47-53

Приймук О.О. Theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of psychological conditions of formation of profession-relevant attributes in future specialists 53-58

Рутина Ю.В. Techniques to research psychological factors in civil servants' professional self-actualization 58-64

Чернега Н.С. Views of Ukrainian and foreign scientists on formation of a positive image of institutions of higher education 64-68

Чернявская И.А. Methods to study the content and factors of professional adaptation of personnel in multinational corporations 69-74

Гомольська Л.П. Environment-friendliness of the brand as a measure of effective brand communication 75-81

Дроздова Ю.В. Analysis of comprehensive testing of future trading business professionals' psychological self-determination regulation training course 81-85

Жовнер В.Ю. Scientific approaches to the study of the competitiveness of tourism business professionals 86-91

Корольчук В.М. Methodological approaches to diagnosing effects of psycho-traumatic factors on entrepreneurs 92-96

Гуменюк О.Г. Psychological analysis of personality theories of leadership 97-103

Жигаренко І.Є., Завацький Ю.А., Завацький В.Ю. The system of social and psychological factors in secondary socialization of the individual 104-107

Журба А.М. Analysis of the concept of personal destruction in the scientific literature 107-110

Карамушка Т.В. Training course 'Formation of post-graduate students' readiness for professional career making': content, structure, main interactive techniques 111-117

Михайлишин У.Б. Psycho-social problems of formation and preservation of youth's value system in educational interaction 117-120

Оніщенко Н.В. Analysis of the achievements in organization and provision of psychological assistance to victims in emergencies 121-125

Рудська М.І. A set of instruments to study psychological characteristics of socially active youth 125-129

Сердюкова І.М. Theoretical analysis of studying the problem of social adaptation in Ukrainian psychological literature 130-136

Спицька Л.В. Social-psychosocial assessment of the impact of adverse conditions of socialization on juvenile delinquent behaviors 136-139