Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. – 2019. – Volume 10. – Issue 33


Content 3-5

Бабій М.Ф. Babij M.F. Features of socio-psychological adaptation of novice teachers 5

Данилюк І.В., Клімаш Т.П. Danyljuk I.V., Klimash T.P. Development of emotional intelligence 16

Горова О. О. Gorova O. O. Psychological adaptation of students to study in higher education 26

Івашкевич Е.З., Яцюрик А.О. Ivashkevych E.Z., Jacjuryk A.O. The role of social intelligence and features of its manifestation in pedagogical activity 35

Кордунова Н.О., Дмитріюк Н.С., Мілінчук В.І. Kordunova N.O., Dmytrijuk N.S., Milinchuk V.I. The role of the phenomenon of emotional competence of the student as a future specialist 50

Костюк О.В. Kostjuk O.V. Neurotization as a form of personality determination in the conditions of trilingualism 60

Маслюк А.М. Masljuk A.M. Psychological analysis of G. Vashchenko's work on the education of patriotism of the individual 70

Мельничук Т.І. Mel'nychuk T.I. Features of economic socialization of the child in the family space 82

Мирошниченко С.О. Myroshnychenko S.O. Relationship of worldview of practical psychologists with difficult life situations 93

Михальчук Н.О., Примачок Л.Л. Myhal'chuk N.O., Prymachok L.L. Psychological principles of formation of compensatory reactions of the patient in case of carrying out physical rehabilitation of patients with an ischemic stroke 103

Мул С.А. Mul S.A. Decision making as a process of ontogenesis of the leader's personality 117

Мураненко К.Ю. Muranenko K.Ju. Subjects of juvenile delinquency prevention 125

Назар М. М. Nazar M. M. Information technologies in distance learning as a factor in the development of the subject of activity 137

Омелянюк С.М. Omeljanjuk S.M. Theoretical and methodological principles of socio-psychological objectification of the military threat 148

Петровська Т., Арнаутова Л. Petrovs'ka T., Arnautova L. Theoretical analysis of the problem of overcoming stress by athletes 160

Піщанська О.О. Pishhans'ka O.O. Emotional well-being of a socially deprived person: empirical referents 168

Сивогракова З.А. Syvograkova Z.A. The role of disciplines of psychological content in the development of "soft-skills" competencies of future specialists in technical specialties in the process of training in free economic zones 178

Слободяник Н.В. Slobodjanyk N.V. The influence of the style of psychological and pedagogical interaction of the teacher on the development of the student's personality 188

Тарнавська О.В. Tarnavs'ka O.V. Theoretical principles of psychological care for adolescents with autonomic dysfunction 198

ТерещенкоЛ.А., Карабаєва І.І. TereshhenkoL.A., Karabajeva I.I. Psychological features of the emotional sphere of preschool children 214

Турбан В.В. Turban V.V. Formation and professional self-determination of the individual 223

Федько В.В. Fed'ko V.V. Social competence of students: concepts, structure, functions 235

Чапко І.П. Chapko I.P. Personality orientation as a factor of life satisfaction 247

Чорна Н.В. Chorna N.V. Value orientations as an important prerequisite for the formation of musical culture of the individual 262

Шевченко Р.П. Shevchenko R.P. Changes in the motivational sphere of students of the specialty of sea and river transport due to stay on a long voyage 275