Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. – 2019. – Volume 11. – Issue 19


Content 3-5

Атаманчук Н.М. Atamanchuk, N.М. Innovative technologies in the field of environmental education at the institution of higher education 6

Бруннер Є.Ю. Brunner, E.Yu. Classification of the attention properties connected with its disorders, abnormalities and pathologies 21

Віденєєв І.О., Большакова А.М., Перевозна Т.О., Харцій О.М. Videneiev, I.O., Bolshakova, A.M., Perevozna, T.O., Khartsiy, O.M. Individual psychological treats as a factor of an individual’s aptitude to service in the internal affair bodies 42

Власенко С.Б. Vlasenko, S.B. An image of physical Self. The historical aspect of the issue 55

Гриньова Н.В. Gryniova, N.V. Relations of the psychic protective mechanisms with an individual’s self-esteem 71

Грись А.М. Grys, A.M. Impulsivity as a factor of deviant behavior 85

Дідик Н.Ф. Didyk, N.F. Features of group psychological work organization for wives of servicemen: from social needs to an individual request 100

Дідух М.М. Didukh, M.M. Research on professional stress situations characteristic for investigators from the National Police of Ukraine 121

Євтушенко В.І. Yevtushenko, V.I. Combination of personal and activity approach in the formation of individual style of professional activity of police officers 139

Заіка В.М., Моргун В.Ф. Zaika, V.M., Morgun, V.F. Features of anxiety and frustration manifestations at students under exam stress 158

Ілляшенко Т.Д. Iliashenko, T.D. Formation of psychological and pedagogical competence of parents raising children with hyperactive disorders and attention deficit 173

Ільченко Р.М. Ilchenko, R.M. The method for formation of a healthy balanced personality by overcoming the consequences of trauma, abuse, neglect and addiction (by M. Murray) as a means of psychological rehabilitation of post-drug-addicted adults 190

Куріцина А.В., Оверчук В.А. Kuritsyna, A.V., Overchuk, V.A. Theoretical measures to defining the psychological content of the phenomenon of procrastination 208

Лукашенко М.Ю. Lukashenko, M.Y. Features of psychological training of the employees internal affairs and special units to extreme conditions activity 224

Максим О.В. Maksym, O.V. Teachers’ empathetic behavior as a guarantee of professional success 240

Максим О.В., Рябовол Т.А. Maksym, O.V., Ryabovol, T.A. Features of the temporal perspective of adolescents and its influence on the development of semio-life orientations 258

Максимов М.В., Кубанцева Н.В., Чаусова Р.Б. Maksymov,М., Kubantseva,N., Chausova, R. Formation of legal teenagers consciousness and conditions of effectiveness 274

Місенг Д.В. Miseng, D.V. The Empirical study of the relationship between value orientations and Individual’s lifestyle 288

Михайлишин У.Б., Шмідзен І.Ю. Mykhaylyshyn,U., Shmidzen,I. Theoretical analysis of the problem of deviant behavior and creativity relation 307

Мураненко К.Ю. Muranenko, K.Yu. Psychological characteristic of administrative offenses committed by minors 320

Павлюк М.М. Pavlyuk, M.M. Psychological mechanisms of self- sufficient personality functioning 334

Перегончук Н.В. Perogonchuk, N.V. Model of psychological supply for development of professional competence of futue psychologists 364

Перепелюк Т.Д., Куделя І.С. Perepeliuk, T.D., Kudelia, I.S. Psychological features of high school teachers’ professional burnout 381

Перепелюк Т.Д., Антонюк А.О. Perepeliuk, T.D., Antoniuk, A.O. Influence of teachers’ temperament types on pupils' academic achievements 395

Піковець Н.В. Pikovets, N.V. Studying the influence of mental burnout level on self-efficacy in the professional activity of a teacher of a higher educational institution 411

Пухно С.В. Pukhno, S.V. Emotional orientation of future teachers as a psychological problem 423

Рябовол Т.А. Ryabovol, T.А. Showing prediction of the future at different levels of organization of personality 437

Терещук А.Д. Tereshchuk, A.D. The problem of personality development with affective disorders 452

Філоненко Л.А. Filonenko, L.A. Theoretical aspects of research on motivations as a factor of minors’ deviant behaviour in the conditions of social transformations 467

Чайка Г.В. Chaika, G.V. Personal avtonomy and relatedness in adult age (by materials of foreign researchers). 484

Шамич О.М. Shamich, O.M. The program of psychological support for Paralympic athletes’ personal growth 501

Щербина-Прилука В.М. Shcherbyna-Pryluka, V.M. Development of deviant minors’ reflection through narrative practices 515