Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2020. Vol. II. - Issue 12


Content 3

Чепелева Н. В. Interpretation as a mechanism of personality experience constructing 4-18

Рудницкая С. Ю. Interpretation as a mechanism of personality experience constructing19-40

Смульсон М. Л. The problem approach to a personality experience constructing 41-57

Лебединська І. В. Сonstructivism in the context of changing status of knowledge 58-70

Зарецька О. О. On the peculiarities of discourse practice when providing remote psychological support 71-82

Зазимко О. В. Experience design in youth personality development: age peculiarities 83-98

Шиловська О. М. Theoretical basis of the diagnosis of development of the primary school pupils' ability to discursive constructing of experience 99-112

Чепелєва Н. В., Рудницька С. Ю., Гуцол К. В. Theoretical and methodological principles and structural-semantic components of training program of narrative competence of personality 113-131

Гудінова І. Л. Discursive educators’ professional experience constructing132-141