Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2018. Vol. 5. - Issue 18


Content 173-174

Андріюк В.В. Andriiuk V.V. Peculiarities of moral norm assimilation by children of the sen- ior preschool age.. 3

Бахмутова Л. М. Bakhmutova L. M. Dynamics of the self-evaluation state of winterers on Akademik Vernadsky antarctic station during period of acute adaptation and polar winter.. 9

Болотнікова І.В. Bolotnikova I.V. Determination of the factors influencing the components of trade unions workers’ internal professional self-fulfillment. 21

Войтович М.В. Voytovich M.V. Technology of Promoting Professional Integration of Practical Psychologists in the Field of Secondary Education. 28

Гуменюк Г.В. Humeniuk H.V. Oneoftheapproachestodevelopmentof a psychophysiological technology for professional self-realization of scientists. 37

Дзвоник Г.П. Dzvonyk G.P. Methods of optimization of professional self-containing managers of commercial organization.. 46

Дубчак Г.М. Dubchak H. M. Analysis of coping strategies of modern students. 56

Завадська Т.В. Zavadska T.V. The systematic research results of the professional self- realization of preschool tutors. . 64

Завірюха В.В. Zaviriukha V.V. Psychological characteristics of achievement motivation development at adolescence 73

Зеленська З.П. Zelenska Z.P. Сonceptual bases of experimental research on the communica- tive skills development of the basic school students in the process of foreign vocabulary development 84

Клименко В.В. Klimenko V.V. Psychophysiological asymmetry of cerebral hemispheres and servomechanisms in the realization of human intent 90

Кокун О.М., Панасенко Н.М. Kokun O.M., Panasenko N.M. The program promoting professional self-fulfilment of teachers 107

Кружева Т. В. Kruzhevaya T.V. Characteristics of the motivation of the scientist. 122

Панасенко Н.М. Panasenko N.M. Factors of professional self-fulfillmentof specialists in the field of information technologies - programmers and system administrators.. 130

Сабліна Н. В. Sablina N.V. Subjective personal criteria of adaptation of students to teaching in medical college. 137

Савченко Т.Л. Savchenko T. L. Results of a planned study of the main psychological factors of professional self-fulfillment of teachers.. 144

Сердюк Л.З. Serdiuk L.Z. Psychological Factors of Personality Self-Determination. 152

Бегеза Л.Є. Beheza L.E. Psychological features of the doctor's emotional sphere 163