Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2016. Vol. VI. - Issue 12


Content 3-4

Музика О. Л. Value interaction as a gifted personality’s development factor 5-20

Антонов В. М. Acmeological neuron education science, psychogenetic and moral quality acme-teacher 21-33

Бастун Н. А. Personality values as systemic factor of human life activity 34-42

Біла І. М. Development of children's abilities in terms of value interaction 43-53

Володарська Н. Д. The impact of contact environment on a person’s creativ adaptation 54-60

Губенко О. В. Social-psychological aspects of interaction of gifted person with the social environment in process of promotion in society 61-68

Гулько Ю. А. Child experimentation as a preschooler’s mental activity indicator 69-77

Демченко О. П. Social subjectivity gifted individuals in the cultural and educational space 78-90

Дубчак Г. М. Connection between the type of behaviour in stressful situation and the level of stress tension among students 91-99

Загурська І. С., Ткачук О. Р.  The role of value interaction in perception of just teacher by juveniles with high and low level of academic success 100-107

Івашкевич Е. З. The phenomenon of wisdom and the structure of social intellect of a teacher 108-118

Кокарєва М. В. Interrelation of students’ perceptiveness to advertising information and their creative orientation 119-126

Митник О. Я. Psychological peculiarities of interpersonal interaction of teachers with gifted students 127-135

Москаленко В. В. Personal abilities and the process of socialization 136-143

Музика О. О. Reference relationships in the development needs and motivations students signs of musical talent 144-155

Никончук Н. О. A way to teach pupils of primary school to appreciate each other`s achievements 156-168

Петрунько O. В., Рафіков О. Р.  Social optimism as a psychological mechanism of value’s communication with the referent social setting 169-178

Портницька Н. Ф., Атаманська О. А. The corpus substantial components of needs mechanisms of creative activity of talented adolescence 179-186

Савченко О. В. The transformation of a structure of the personality`s reflective competence in adolescence 187-200

Сердюк Л. З. Psychological bases of motivation for professional development 201-209

Соловей Я. Г. Theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding ofв the musically gifted personality values 210-217

Тичина І. М., Байдюк А. П. Psychological analysis of modern teenagers'values during the process of identification with media characters 218-225

Чиханцова О. А. Some aspects of the study of problems of the hardiness of the personality 226-233

Шестопалова О. П. The axiologization of the training system for psychologist’s course in consulting and psychotherapy 234-243

Яблонська Т. М. The identity development of talented children in the family 244-252

Яворська-Вєтрова І. В. Dynamics of situational reflection formation on the verge of primary school age and adolescence 253-261

Гончарук О. В. Development of creative capabilities as the way of psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental disorders 262-271

Загурська Е. В. D. Ovsjanyko-Kulykovs'kyj as one of the psychology of giftedness founders 272-279

Мельник М. О. Of values interaction with the social environment as a factor in the formation of a gifted реrsonality 280-289

Нечаєва О. С. Value aspects of learning of younger pupils with signs of endowments 290-298

Процик Л. С. The development of constructive psychological defense mechanisms intellectually gifted teenagers 299-306

Чекрижова М. М. Personality qualities in the structure of future doctors' professional abilities self-valuation 307-317

Чигирин Т. О. The system of values a factor of self-presentation of future psychologists 318-326